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We provide a full range of tree surgery services. All our operatives are highly skilled arborists trained by NTPC.

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery services include

Crown reductions, this involves removing branches to make the crown smaller; this can be done to control the spread of a tree.

Crown thinning, removing branches within the crown, this can be done to allow more light through the crown or to reduce the weight of a tree.

Crown lifting, removing lower branches on a tree, this can be done to increase clearance from the ground, and can have quite a dramatic effect.

Dead wooding, removing any dead, diseased or damaged branches, this is done to make the tree safer.

Felling, removal of trees, where there is space to do so and it is safe we can fell the tree from ground level.

Sectional felling, where there isn't room to fell from ground level, we climb the trees and using ropes and lowering techniques bring the tree down safely.

Stump grinding, once a tree has been felled we can remove the stump by grinding it out with a stump grinder.

Planting, as well as felling trees we can source and plant trees for you.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge cutting services include

Regular cutting, we can arrange to cut your hedge on regular bases, usually once or twice a year, depending on plant species and your preference.

Hedge reductions, sometimes when hedge gets out of control the best thing to do is to cut right back and start again.

Hedge planting, hedges are extremely important to British wildlife; we can advise and plant new hedges.

Other services

Other services include

We can complete some landscaping tasks such as fencing or turfing, please call for more details.

Log Splitting
We have a manual log splitting service on an hourly rate.

Wood land management
We are experienced foresters, specialising in small woodlands for private customers. If you own woodland we can provide the advice and skills for you to get the most from it.